need for speed world

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How to Install:

01) Run & install "setup_nfsw.exe" When ask for game data choose "C:\Games\Need For Speed World" or choose whatever you want.......!!
02) when Launcher installed Uncheak BOX "[X] Run laucher to [ ] Run laucher"
03) Or if u forget to uncheak then if ur laucher start just close it.
04) Extract "Need For Speed World.RAR" to " C:\Games\ " OR Where u choosed ur game path in "step 1"
05) Run laucher go to SETTING(Wheel Pic..)
06) Select you'r language, In "DOWNLOAD SIZE" Select Maximum.
07) Click "CONTINUE" then Logon or register ur New Account.
08) Wait some Min.. untill Launcher Cheak Game file
09) Click "PLAY" ..... Enjoy game
10) SEED SEED SEED SEED ......!!!!